I see a lot of management activity and an amount of ‘decisive’ behaviour that is perceived as leadership, but the actual inspirational behaviour that makes for great leaders often feels like it is in pretty short supply.

Even those exhibiting forward thinking and inspirational team development etc seem to end up fighting against corporate targets and statistics and performance reporting, not to mention the all-pervasive expectation that the more hours you work, the better a leader you are.

Perhaps the desire for good leadership is merely aspirational in many organisations, and that they are not actually culturally ready to commit to, and advance, the ideas and forward-thinking leadership of a few managers?

Perhaps we need to tackle negative corporate cultures before the environment is ready to accept the benefits of good leadership?

So is that where we are? Recognising that before we can have good business leadership we need to focus on our operating context and culture?

Perhaps we can’t grow the seeds of leadership if the ground that we are trying to plant in just isn’t prepared and properly ‘fertilised’. So before we read all these leadership gurus’ books that gather dust at airports, perhaps we need to first focus on the culture of our organisations and ask ourselves if we are truly ready for the leadership changes that we want to make and, if not, what changes do we need to put in place in order to let effective leadership flourish?

What are your thoughts and experiences?