So what did you get up to today at work? What did you do to improve yourself as an employee, an employer and/or as a leader? What did you do to work towards your organisation’s business aims?

How often do we actually think about these things? I know I rarely used to. We go into work and we do what we need to, sometimes using initiative to move things forwards, but often we are on some kind of autopilot.

However when we fully understand our role in the organisation and what the organisation’s goals are, all of a sudden it can change the way we view our work.

As the story goes, when President Kennedy visited NASA in 1962 he asked the janitor what he was doing and was told he was “helping to putting a man on the moon.”

This is the kind of commitment to organisational aims that help build a family and create some of the strongest and most effective teams you are likely to find.

Knowing how everyone in the organisation contributes to the ‘big picture’ helps to foster greater trust and understanding between everyone and this in turn engenders greater commitment and greater self worth ans that makes for excellent, happier, employees

Are you lucky enough to already have this? If not, why not get in touch and we can get you started along this powerful new path…