Additional needs

,If you are (or you support) an individual with additional-needs then you know that ensuring you / they have all of the necessary support can be a challenge. Those who should be providing that support do not always have the money, the time, the staff, or the specialist understanding in order to be able to fully meet their legal obligations.

Balancing the needs of the individual and the needs of the organisation is the ultimate goal here, but navigating the range of legislation does not always make this easy. Understanding what individuals are entitled to, and trying to achieve the best solution for everyone involved, can be daunting and often leads to frustration and friction. This often ends with people being in conflict and forgetting the reason they are there in the first please….to best support the individual.

I can work with you to ensure that legislation is understood and met, and that individuals with additional-needs are being given the support they need and that they are entitled to.

I provide:

      • Specialist autism advice.
      • Review of an individual’s additional needs provision.
      • Support to families /carers to reduce stress at home.
      • Support to teachers to enable them to reduce distressed behaviour, and thus increase classroom engagement.
      • Assist employers to better support their staff with additional needs.