Innovation and Creativity

There are many tools and approaches out there to support businesses to develop their creativity and find innovative solutions to their issues. The trick is finding the right tools for the team/individual concerned to enable them to excel. One of my favourite tool-sets is TRIZ a system designed by engineers to help others utilise a range of formal approaches to develop innovative solutions.

TRIZ has been used by a range of organisations, many of whom are so impressed by the business edge it creates. that they do not wish their use of these powerful tools to be public knowledge, in case their competitors decide to start using it. Some other organisations have used the creativity provided by TRIZ to publicly display their cutting-edge thinking, in order to be recognised for it and to attract creative employees.

I trained with Oxford Creativity, the leading UK TRIZ trainer, and my approach provides you with elegant and effective solutions to your technical issues that are likely to be faster and more creative than traditional methods. The facilitation process is very user-friendly, and your team members do not need to have any prior knowledge of these tools to shine.