To be an effective leader, whether in sport or business, we must possess the managerial skills necessary to manage the resources allocated to us, but we also need the social and emotional skills in order to inspire our people to excel. As your leadership consultant, I can help you to assess, develop, and upskill the leadership abilities of your team.

With 28 years of military service ending in a senior leadership position, I have a comprehensive understanding of what makes for good leadership, followership and teamwork.

Contrary to what many believe, military leadership is not all about shouting and autocratic structures. It looks at the psychology of teams and how to get the best from them. It encourages reflective practice in leadership, and focuses on developing leadership qualities to support team initiative, within defined executive constraints. This builds cohesive teams, founded on trust, and focussed on achieving excellence.

I will work with you openly, honestly, and discretely, in order to review your leadership skills and abilities and to help you to identify areas suitable for development. We will work together to look at what you want to achieve and to identify the most suitable methods of achieving your goals.